List of Ten

The Indian Agency Cemetery project is seeking from the U.S. Army the following list of ten items directed toward the restoration and preservation of that sacred place. The list may be an over-simplification of what is sought for and there are tangential elements to each which are not discussed here.[1]

  1. Classify the Cemetery as a Government or Post Cemetery.
  2. Use Indian Agency Cemetery as the proper name.
  3. Provide a Preservation Plan Agreement for perpetual care.
  4. Provide appropriate fencing to allow for unfettered access.
  5. Conduct a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) study.
  6. Expose the existing in-ground grave slabs/markers.
  7. Provide a transit lane and minimal parking.
  8. Provide a permanent sign at the cemetery proper.
  9. Provide a permanent sign at Post Road.
  10. Provide new Veterans Administration grave markers.

[1] List of Ten presented to MG David Halverson by letter from Wahnne Clark dated December 28, 2009.