Big Medicine Man

The Family Record Book 1901 (FRB No. 405), shows a marginal note after the name Pertooahvoonequah as being the same as “Big Medicine.”  Alternate spellings of his Indian Name are Perterahvonique and Pertieahvoniquito [Minor].

Big Medicine was born about 1839 and died December 15, 1897.  He had at least two wives, Soyanay and Hema.  Big Medicine is the father of Eckahsy and Porcheweah or Matildo Hema (FRB No. 407).

See also a document dated November 1, 1894, from the Kiowa, Comanche & Wichita Agency, Anadarko, O.T., signed by W. H. Able, Special U.S. Agent in Charge. The document is a PASS issued for B.W. Southard. It reads: “To whom it may concern: This is to certify that Mr. B.W. Southard has permission to remain on this reservation until further notice for the purpose of working for Big Medicine, Comanche. Issued on the recommendations of Samuel Strauss, George Paschall, and Emmitt Cox and E.L. Clark.” Big Medicine was of stature such that he was able to hire a white person to work for him. Southard was the father-in-law of Elsie Clark a sister to the Clark twins (Nos. 13 & 14). Southard is buried in Chiefs Knoll. His marker, in the manner of the Quakers, has only his initials, B.W.S. inscribed on it.  [This document is among the personal papers of the Charlie Southard family.]

"Old Big Medicine owned a lodge just north of the bend where Lost Bridge is now placed. I used to go there quite often to see him and visit in his cabin. There I saw at times the scalps of several white women, and in the cabin of an early day trader, Jim Martin, on west Cache creek, three miles east of Faxon, a Comanche Indian lived who had the scalp of a white man. In the cabin of Chief Geronimo I have seen a number of human scalps, supposed to be taken by him in warfare." ['Neath August Sun, J. E. Hewitt, pp. 99-100].