The warrior Mochorook, a Mexican captive born ca. 1827, was taken by the Comanche as a small boy. Sequentially, Mochorook had four wives all of whom were sisters. His wife in 1901 was Pohawwah and they had a daughter Jane who had died prior to 1901.

Although a small man, possibly 5’ 3”, he had a reputation for cruelty and in his old age became uncommonly stoic and antisocial. Exploits of daring made him a legend among the Comanches even within his own lifetime. It was said Mochorook never took a prisoner. He was not only feared by the white man, but also by his fellow Comanches as well. This feared warrior participated in raids for over 32 years of his 75 years of life.

Mochorook was known to have had a full-length lariat (approximately 33 feet long) that he had plaited from women’s hair – Mexican, Indian, and white [Gilles]. He was a member of Coby’s (aka, Wild Horse) band and, later, Komah’s band [Kavanagh] and appears as No. 192 on the Army’s List of Hostile Comanches - 1874. 

Mochorook died on October 4, 1914.