Comanche Cemetery Assoc.

Since 1982, various persons or groups have advocated the restoration and preservation of the Indian Agency Cemetery (aka, Comanche Mission Cemetery).  At least one loosely organized group, the Comanche Cemetery Association, made efforts on behalf of this cemetery.  The thrust of those efforts were directed primarily towards the Comanche (Otipoby) Cemetery, and secondarily toward this cemetery.  The group has also been known as the Comanche Cemetery Committee, Comanche Indian Cemetery Association and The Commemoration, Preservation, and Restoration of Sacred Sites for Comanches Association.

For a variety of reasons, not much of consequence for the Indian Agency Cemetery came of those efforts, although the efforts related to the Comanche (Otipoby) Cemetery were significant.  In spite of the work done by these well-meaning persons, the efforts were largely unsuccessful because of the overwhelming resources of the military to resist change and the need for the long sought restoration.

The following is a list of persons who have worked at various times toward the restoration of the cemetery.  It is likely this list is incomplete and I regret any omissions.  The list was compiled from the Association's Minutes and other documents provided by Gladys Narcomey and Kenneth Karty:


Deloris Aitson


Phillip Narcomey


Rita Barnhart


Thomas Narcomey


John Carr


Norman Nauni


Marie Carr

    Robert Otipoby

Sylvena Carr

    Bill Pahdacony

Gigi Carr

    Doris Pahdacony

Elsie Chaat

    John Pahdacony


Robert Chaat

    Juanita Pahdopony

Jean Chasenah

    Ella Pewardy

Louis Clark

    Wanda Pewardy

Barbara Coker

    Wesley Pewardy

Cloyd Gooday

    Nick Plata

Edith Gordon

    Renee Plata

Carlton Hoahwah

    Rachel Poco

Beverly Issac

    Cleta Pocowatchit

Anita Johnson

    Dorothy Sapcut

Tommy Johnson

    Jean Saupitty

Kenneth Karty

    Mable Simmons

Pearl Kauley

    Cecelia Thomas

Melvin Kerchee, Jr.

    Cruso Tomah

Cincy King

    Dorothy Tomah

Eleanor Leville

    Faye Washburn

Dorothy Lorentino

    George Watchetaker

Connie Mayward

    Arlene Wilson

Harry Mithlo

    Ed Yellowfish

Edgar Monetathchi

    Elton Yellowfish

Mary Monetathchi

    Rafey Youniacutt

Gladys Narcomey

    Clarance Youniacutt